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Application for Admission
Further Information

Please note that information included in the application form will be shared with members of administration and with your child’s teachers.

Please describe your child’s learning style and/or any known learning challenges.

Please describe any allergies or medical conditions. All ISB staff members will be informed in cases of particularly severe/ life-threatening conditions.

Please indicate any special requirements (for example, dietary restrictions, religious observances) so that we may inform your child’s teachers and/or kitchen staff.

Please let us know of anything else that would help your child feel secure and cared for at our school.

I/We have included all relevant information, diagnoses or known health/behaviour issues which could impact or unduly affect our child’s learning, and understand that withheld information may lead to our child being expelled from school. We also understand that an application to ISB indicates that we understand, and agree with, the school’s overall values and the philosophy of learning through play.

Health Care Practitioner

Students at ISB are eligible to receive routine health checks and information via the public health care practitioner. In order for your child to be registered in the health care practitioner’s closed journal system and invited to these checks, we may need to share your contact information and/or your child’s CPR number.

Learning Platforms

Add Learning Platforms


Due to its innovative philosophy, ISB is often asked to share our story with educators, researchers, policy-makers, and media from around the world. Our aim is to inspire with research publications, videos, and photos that illustrate what we mean by a “pedagogy of play.”

PLEASE NOTE: Regardless of whether you say “yes” or “no,” media featuring ISB students will never identify students by name or be used for third-party marketing without separate permission from the parents. In the event that students are off campus for field trips, tournaments, etc we will do our best to uphold parents’ wishes in regards to media, but this may not always be possible in public spaces. In the interest of modelling positive consent behaviour, we encourage you to discuss the following question with your (older) children before answering.
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Field Trips
Date: Jan 24, 2020
Date: Jan 24, 2020